Tsitsipas retires from Nitto ATP World Finals SABRHERO

Tsitsipas retires from Nitto ATP World Finals

Stefanos Tsitsipas withdraws from the Nitto ATP Finals match against Holger Rune after just three games due to a back injury. Hubert Hurkacz will step in to replace him in the Green Group, facing Novak Djokovic on Thursday.

Stefanos Tsitsipas expressed his regrets to the audience in his press conference on Tuesday at the Nitto ATP Finals, where he prematurely concluded his match against Holger Rune after three games due to a back injury. The Greek athlete has subsequently withdrawn from the season finale, and his position in the Green Group will be assumed by Hubert Hurkacz.

"I extend my sincere apologies to all the fans and spectators who came to support me today and witness the match. I deeply regret being unable to complete the match, and it is disheartening not to afford the opportunity to someone else to make the most of it," stated Tsitsipas. "Despite receiving medical advice and clearance in the preceding days, I experienced considerable discomfort on the court. Despite my utmost efforts to prepare and ensure fitness for this match, the outcome was not favorable."

Tsitsipas held his lone service game against Rune and had two break points against the Dane. However, he decided to retire at the first changeover. Expressing his aversion to leaving matches midway, Tsitsipas conveyed the emotional toll of not being able to conclude a tournament for which he had diligently prepared to showcase his capabilities as a player.

The 2019 Nitto ATP Finals champion elaborated on his physical challenges, disclosing a limited time spent on the court in the past few days. Describing movement issues affecting his performance, Tsitsipas emphasized the inherent difficulty of competing in tennis without fluid movement. He underscored the significance of being physically fit and feeling well in the context of his back issues, expressing that the pain experienced during this match surpassed manageable levels.

The decision to retire was made during the second game of the match, a realization that became apparent during the warm-up while serving. Despite enduring pain in previous matches, Tsitsipas acknowledged that the current situation was beyond his capacity to manage. This incident marks the second withdrawal from the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin for Tsitsipas, who lost his opening match against Jannik Sinner this year. Hubert Hurkacz will face World No. 1 Novak Djokovic on Thursday as Tsitsipas laments his inability to compete at his desired level in a tournament that holds profound significance for him, rivaling even the Grand Slams.


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