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Podcast Episode on Spotify with TK Advantage - Tim Kiehl

Learn from Tim Kiehl on Growth Strategies and Business Development



We recently did a podcast with Timothy Kiehl, who created Advantage. He is a tennis player, coach and podcaster, who interviews upcoming players, tennis professionals and brands, and gives his insights on all the important topics in tennis.

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Advantage Tennis Podcast



Who is Timothy Kiehl? 

He is the Graduate Performance Tennis Coach at Millfield School.
Founder and Creator of the Podcast “Advantage” aimed at giving all aspiring student-athletes an insider take on the college experience, with a particular focus on tennis, from present and past student-athletes around the world. Various topics include : adapting to a new environment, mental health awareness in sport, and approaches to sports performance.
College graduate and US College tennis scholar with BSc in Psychology and French (UK 2.1) at the University of North Georgia, USA.
Raised in the UK, Middle East, Canada, Argentina, Russia and France with fluency in 2 languages. I have a global outlook and ability to adapt, with a customer focused and team player approach and « can do » attitude. My interests lie in all things related to sport: sports marketing, sports management, sports performance and sports psychology. I believe the game of tennis is a wonderful example of how important it is to develop a strong, positive mental attitude in order to achieve your goals.


The Podcast:

It is aimed at giving all aspiring student-athletes an 'insider’s take' on the US college experience, with particular focus on tennis. Present and Past student-athletes from around the world are interviewed. Various topics include: adapting to a new environment, mental health awareness in sport, and approaches to sports performance.




In the latest podcast episode on Spotify, Tim Kiehl shares his experiences and insights on growth strategies and business development. As the founder of TK Advantage, a consulting firm that helps businesses achieve their full growth potential, Kiehl has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer listeners.


During the episode, Kiehl discusses the importance of having a clear growth strategy and how businesses can develop and implement one. He also shares his thoughts on how to effectively manage change within an organization and how to identify growth opportunities within the market.


Kiehl also talks about the benefits of developing strong partnerships and collaborations with other businesses and how to build lasting relationships that can drive growth. He emphasizes the need to focus on creating value for customers rather than just generating revenue, and how companies can leverage technology to improve their offerings and make them more appealing to customers.

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