Our Team


As players, we are extremely demanding with our equipment and apparel. We know what works, and what doesn't. We innately feel what's needed to boost our game, instinctively following what will make us better.  

 It all started when one of the co-founders couldn't find the racket of her dreams.  The mix of characteristics, weight, balance, beam...there was always something slightly off. After trying out 80 rackets in one month, with no result, she decided to create her own, delving into the depths of what makes a racket great. She made 10 rackets for herself, and bit by bit, people started to ask about them, wanting to know how they could get one for themselves. A couple of months later, she met the now co-founder, who suggested to turn the idea into a brand. They got to work, trying to co-create with other tennis players, asking for their opinions, feedback...to develop equipment that truly suits their needs.


Our Team of SABRwarriors:



Theo Fancellu, Co-founder, Co-CEO


Mir Ambaye, Social Media Manager & Editorial Manager

Marie-Anastasia Olivieri, Luxury Consultant, advisory board.