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Inner Power Flyweight Racquet

Inner Power Flyweight Racquet

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The Inner Power Flyweight Racquet is designed to give you the feel and acceleration of the pros, in a swifter format. Crafted for long-term durability and comfortable handling, it provides great maneuverability and precision in a lightweight, compact frame. Perfect for players seeking swift response and effortless control, the stringbed is denser, giving you more precision, as the racket and your arm become one.

Take your game to the next level with the high-spec precision frame. Keep swinging at topping your performance with the Inner Power Flyweight Racquet. With a weight of 280 g / 9.9 oz, string pattern of 18x20, head size of 98 in/ 632 cm², grip size of 2, balance of 320 mm and length of 685 mm, you can unleash your inner power and take control of the court.

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