Reveal your inner hero.

Most rackets are made by engineers, ours are engineered by players.

Your dreams, our expertise.

  • Our Philosophy

    Every SABRHERO item is
    designed and created to make the player feel like a hero-
    their own hero, every time they step on court. A sense that the
    near-impossible is now possible, that they, too, can become a
    better version of themselves, that they now hold the key to becoming the
    athlete they always wanted to be. Whether it be a weekend-warrior or a budding
    professional, we are here to help harness the power of within.

  • Our Leitmotiv

    The leitmotiv of SABRHERO is
    simple, everyone deserves the right to believe in themselves. Our goal is to
    support, encourage and carry you through your moments of weakness, your moments
    of strength, glory or disappointment. To be the shoulders of a giant you can
    stand on, a force that pushes you through.

    For SABRHERO the customer isn’t a
    king, they are an emperor.


The customer isn't a king, they are an emperor.

  • Thomas-Philip Serventon

    '' The racket they suggested was just what I needed to up my game. Their attention to detail was priceless.''

  • Kevin Richard

    ''I bought a thermobag for my son, who is a budding junior. He was over the moon, and all the kids in his group at the academy wanted the same one! I'm proud of my choice. ''

  • Joanna Sanglier

    '' I'm not a tennis connaisseur, but I was looking for a gift for someone who is, and I came across these beautiful items. The team's guidance made all the difference, I felt somuch more confident buying! ''

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  • Undre Estosa

    '' I was looking for a fresh vibe to my tennis equipment, and SABRHERO was a balance between beauty and perormance. I wanted it immediately.''

  • Ella-Taylor Surne

    '' Clean, crisp hits, almost as if I was hitting with an arrow. I missed this feeling,I'm really happy, and the service was great, I felt like I was listened to and advised.''

Performance, aesthetics, passion.

Stand on the shoulders of champions.

  • The Brand

    SABRHERO is a British tennis and sports brand, combining
    luxury and style. Their roots stem from both Britain and France. They believe
    performance comes from within,  and the
    desire to nourish one’s abilities and better one’s self is a rare quality, one
    that should be cherished.

  • The Background

    Coming from an international tennis player’s background, the
    co-founder of SABRHERO, had the chance to travel the world from tournament to
    tournament, in search of her own greatness. Throughout these formative years,
    she longed for an answer to better equipment, more elegant, more performant;
    that would make you feel like a champion, merely by using it. From her
    beginnings in a small town called Berkhamsted, to her time lived abroad in
    Southern France, this same goal lulled in the background, wanting to be