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SABRHERO Golden Hour - Luxury tennis racket

SABRHERO Golden Hour - Luxury tennis racket

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SABRHERO Golden Hour - the Luxury Tennis Racket

Innovative design, ultimate performance.


Gain the competitive advantage with Golden Hour: the luxurious and empowering package that combines premium carbon-fiber construction with crisp feel and ultimate power. Experience the full force of this aesthetic marvel's energy for yourself and take your game to the next level. With the Golden Hour, you will be ready to perform at your peak and shine like never before.


Racket specificities:

weight : 300g/10.6 oz
racquet head size : 625.8 cm^2/9 square inches
string pattern : 16x19
balance: 32cm/7 pts Hl
length: 68 cm666665
Recommended tension :23-27 kg/50-60 lbs

Best suited to : aggressive,punchy players, with sharp, precise baseline hits that aren’t afraid to head to the net. Great for players that like varying spin, pace and angles.

Its strategic stabilizers added inside the frame allow you to play bigger and keep between the lines. The thin beam of the Golden Hour allows you glide  aerodynamically towards your contact point. It has a perfect balance point, and its' 16x19 string pattern will allow you to marry spin and power. The smaller racket head will bring sensations to you like never before, with all the speed, power and precision culminating at the heart of the string bed. Allow yourself to reach the pinnacle of fluidity and charm.
But be warned, a skilled player is needed to wield this weapon, and when that happens, magical tennis is played. Playing out like a classical ballet, it's effortless acceleration is simply beautiful. It's majestic elegance, a balance between liquid gold richness and sleek, crisp heritage lines, are the perfect base to bring your tennis to a new level. Just as Arthur found his sword... the ball is in your court now. Which racket is calling your name?


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