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SABRHERO Heritage Set - Luxury Tennis Apparel

SABRHERO Heritage Set - Luxury Tennis Apparel

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Luxury tennis apparel by SABRHERO : Heritage Collection


Experience luxury with SABRHERO Heritage Trousers. Inspired by golf and the Hamptons these lightweight trousers offer a unique take on heritage sports. Enjoy warmth and comfort between holes with a pair of soft, loose shorts inside. Ideal for tennis, golf, and other outdoor activities.

SABRHERO provides luxury tennis apparel for ultimate sporting style and performance.

Luxury tennis apparel will always be a priority for us. Inspired by the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club every year, we wanted to create a piece that would embody heritage and passion, history and fashion. The lightweight material and crepe texture does just that, allowing fluidity of movement and adds a classic touch to the modern sport.


SABRHERO : luxury tennis apparel, luxury tennis rackets, luxury tennis bags.

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