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SABRHERO Inner Power Rip - Luxury tennis racket

SABRHERO Inner Power Rip - Luxury tennis racket

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SABRHERO Inner Power Rip: Elevate Your Tennis Game with Luxurious Precision

The Inner Power Rip Racquet by SABRHERO is an agile tool designed for top spin players aiming to dominate the court. Here’s why it’s your ultimate weapon:

  • Head-Heavy Design: Perfect for aggressive players seeking control.
  • Spin-Friendly Racquet: Innovative technology produces controlled, powerful shots.
  • Blackboard-Style Label: Personalize notes directly on the racquet—no notebook needed!
  • Golden Tongue Authentication: Authenticity guaranteed.

Fear nothing. Your Inner Power Rip awaits.

  • Weight (unstrung): 290 g
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Head size: 98 in² / 632 cm²
  • Grip Size: 2
  • Balance: 330 mm
  • Length: 68.5 cm

The SABRHERO Inner Power Rip tennis racket is packed with advanced technologies that elevate your game. The Inner Power System creates a unique cavity inside the frame, increasing the sweet spot for more power and accuracy. The Diamond Edge design reduces air resistance, giving you faster swing speeds and precise control over your shots. Get ready to up the ante with massive topspin! 

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