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SABRHERO Inner Power Thermobag 15 rackets - Luxury tennis bag

SABRHERO Inner Power Thermobag 15 rackets - Luxury tennis bag

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SABRHERO Inner Power Thermobag: Elevate Your Tennis Gear Storage

Protect your valuable weapons with our Inner Power Thermobag—a fusion of elegance, functionality, and innovation. Crafted for discerning players, this luxury tennis bag boasts features that redefine convenience and style.

Unleash the Features:

Unique Design: Our Thermobag strikes the perfect balance between TPU and hydrophobic material. It’s not just water-resistant; it’s a fortress for your gear.

Spacious Capacity: Carry up to 15 rackets—yes, you read that right! But that’s not all. There’s room for your shoes, towel, clothes, balls, and even a snack stash.

Ventilated Shoe Pocket: The outer zippable pocket is tailor-made for your shoes. Airholes ensure optimal ventilation, keeping your kicks fresh and ready for action.

Accessory Heaven: Two extra outer pockets—because we know you need space for those wristbands, grips, and lucky charms. Plus, a zippable inner pocket for cards or keys.

Double-Zipper Compartments: Whether it’s training or match day, our Thermobag keeps your gear organized. Each large compartment has double zippers for easy access.

Adjustable Handles: Two large adjustable handles for comfort. And guess what? They can Velcro together to become one sturdy handle. Talk about versatility!

Why Choose the Inner Power Thermobag?

  • Elegance Meets Functionality: Lightweight, sleek, and ready for the spotlight.
  • Professional-Grade: Designed for serious players who demand the best.
  • Golden Tongue Authentication: Authenticity guaranteed.

Get ready to own the court—not just with your game but with your style. The SABRHERO Inner Power Thermobag is more than a bag; it’s an extension of your tennis prowess. 


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